About Papa Player

papaplayer.com is US leading English news portal, with the aim of reaching millions of Users who are eager to stay in touch with US-based news and stories. papaplayer.com was founded in 2022 and quickly took a prominent position in the web market, capturing the top slot. We also remain clung to the tree of journalistic ethics by serving fresh news on the platter of absolute authenticity and our comments stand only as a guard so that all our users do not carried away from the truth.

Our news persons are prompt in responding to any event by collecting first-hand data. Personal interviews of concerned people reinforce the fabric of information not to say our questionnaires are very yielding. We are updating news promptly and swiftly keeping net users updated with latest news covering wide range in politics, sports, entertainment, health, books, business and others.

Our Mission

PapaPlayer is US leading English News Portal, with a goal of reaching millions of Americans. Our news stories are presented in an eye-pleasing design format, and we strive to reach a broad audience with our diverse content. We are committed to journalistic ethics, and serve fresh news as it comes.