Time Traveller Spotted at 1995 Mike Tyson Fight

November 26, 2022 3 min read


Time Traveller Spotted at 1995 Mike Tyson Fight

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Time Travel: The boxing world is convinced that someone must’ve traveled back through time, as a crowd member was holding something resembling a smartphone during Mike Tyson versus Pat McNeeley in 1995. This might sound like a wild claim, but it’s not as far-fetched as it seems.

Tyson is one of the most dominant heavyweight boxers of all time, with an impressive 50-6 professional record to his name. He had blinding speed and a devastating ability to knock out his opponents with such earth-shattering power, meaning most fights were already over before they’d even begun. Today we’re going to take a look at one of his lesser-known clashes, but it has an intriguing side story that has been picked up on in recent weeks.

In this fight, Tyson was fighting against Pat McNeeley who was extremely inexperienced at the heavyweight level and had never been in a professional boxing match before that night. The fight was held in Las Vegas and there was no doubt that the crowd would be rooting for Tyson, but there was also no doubt that he would dominate proceedings from the outset of the fight due to how strong he was.

Mike Tyson vs Pat McNeeley in 1995

This was Tyson’s first bout after he had served his sentence in prison, one which he won via disqualification after his opponent’s manager stepped into the ring to interfere.

Iron Mike was his typical destructive self, brutally dismantling McNeeley from the opening bell at the MGM Grand Arena.

While the fight isn’t necessarily one of Tyson’s most memorable or talked about by fans, an event that occurred outside the ring caught by the HBO camera crew most certainly is.

In the third round, Tyson caught McNeeley with a clean right hook to the face. At this point, they were both down on their knees and struggling to get up. As they both stood back up, Tyson caught McNeeley with another clean right hook to the face. This time around, however, McNeeley didn’t stand up quick enough for Tyson to catch him with a third punch—and that’s when things took a turn for the worse for him as well.

Was there a ‘time traveller’ at Mike Tyson vs Pat McNeeley?

As the fight is about to begin, a person in attendance holds up what appears to be a smartphone vertically to capture the moment in the form of an image.

What’s interesting, however, is that the first smartphone wasn’t released until the year after the fight when Nokia released its Nokia 2110 phone. In fact, it wasn’t until 2005 that smartphones began to get mainstream attention with Apple’s release of the iPhone. In 2008, Samsung released their first Android-based phone called the Samsung Galaxy S and has since become much more popular than Nokia or Apple ever were.

In fact, since then Nokia hasn’t been able to compete with Samsung or Apple at all—they have faded into obscurity with their latest model being released in 2011 and not even selling as many units as Apple did at its peak from 2007-2010.”

Fans respond to baffling footage of ‘time-traveller’ at Tyson vs McNeeley

truth behind the time traveller

The video of the time traveller punching Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the face is the most mysterious boxing moment in history, and it’s all thanks to one man: a time traveler named Romulus.

Romulus is a real person, and he lives in the year 2065. While he may not have been around to see the fight that won Mayweather the title back in 1995, he did watch every minute of it from his home on Mars with friends who also happen to be time travelers. And so when Inside Edition asked him about what happened, he knew exactly what they were talking about.

“I think that’s just how Floyd was?” Romulus said when asked about how he felt about getting punched by someone from another dimension. “I don’t really know how to feel about it.”

The interviewer then asked if Romulus had any advice for future fighters who might want some tips on how to do this themselves—and that’s when things got interesting: “I’m not sure if I can help you there,” Romulus replied before adding with a laugh: “But maybe you should ask my friend?”

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